Any Given Sunday.. View from the Inside of Twin Peaks

A terrifying truth. Be aware, you’re group is next. They target homeless, Veterans, public school teachers, patients suffering from PTSD (no, medical records aren’t necessarily covered under HIPPA Law anymore) single Moms, private businesses, and whom ever will not readily conform or will be difficult in controlling ; All need to read this,

It was a lazy Sunday morning. I wanted a Bloody Mary. we were just having lunch… Thats all.

 imageWe were just having a lunch date. I know nothing about bikes or bikers or biker clubs or even what the meeting was about. I just wanted a Bloody Mary. We got there and saw all the bikes.. We just thought it was a benefit. So, we went inside and had lunch. The shooting started right after we got our food..

I can start from the beginning and even provide a picture after cops FINALLY had us come out with our hands up. They had my phone, but I had one of the waitresses email me a picture she took.


So, once upon a nightmare.. I smiled at my friend over my Bloody Mary. I could see some (Boozefighter) bikers at the bar. Shortly after they brought my food, the first shot…

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2 thoughts on “Any Given Sunday.. View from the Inside of Twin Peaks

    1. Darlene, thank you; however I’ve been rather discouraged from friends who are closed to these ideas. I’ve been called so many unkind things and told I’m the tin-foil wearing queen of our group who would be better living another country who hates America. In response, I do love America. it’s the corruption overrunning I despise.


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