Drowned By Desire

Deceptive flames dance with delight

under this heaping pot of stew.

A Nation bubbling over,

not knowing what to do.

Who to trust,

how to speak;

not knowing what to say

to our Nation drowning helplessly

as we watch it slip away. 
Ronda Guercio



2 thoughts on “Drowned By Desire

  1. Reblogged this on HOMELESSNESS: THE GREAT AMERICAN TRAGEDY and commented:
    Being so new to blogging, I created Homelessness: The Great American Tragedy while deep in litigation fighting in Supreme Court in my lawsuit against 21st Mortgage in a fraudulent foreclosure case in 2013. I created another blog as a kind of story’s dream ending, and it’s Rock N Roll Revival of Love. I’ll be switching my focus now on this happier format, and will be posting pictures of the Veterans I meet in my stops sling the way. Not sure where I’m going, and don’t exactly have a plan. I just know it’s what I must now do. No Vet should ever be hungry or ever be homeless. Peace out everyone ! CHANGE. YOUR. WORLD.

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