I found that the waves were literally crashing around me. One moment I’m freely snapping pictures, the next, I’m lounging in brown sugar sand. The sun was there to gently bake my skin, the sandpipers scurried to and fro. I scratched a flower on the sand; then a peace sign. I wrote a message first small, then larger in the sand and waited and watched the beachcombers reaction as they passed. But no one saw it, so I enlarged it to an entire area where all could see, far and away. And as I was about to return to my lounging, I secured my camera, and smiled. What a clever message I thought proudly. So peacefully profound was I as I sat again in the soft brown sugar sand. And as quick as flash, without a warning, without a sound, a wave knocked me flat. I rushed to stop myself from failing about, my hands
searching my camera bag to save my phone and my Nikon. Laughter took hold and I began an uncontrollable bought of it, loudly, and uninhibited. I felt like a girl again; an awakening of pureness I saw seldom anymore. The message in the sand barely visible now seemed to have been my message only. A valuable appropriately written message no one but me was to read. A wave of this tide had brought me home again, my laughter still I hear. Light as air.


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